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Manaw Festival

manawWhere: Myitkyina, Kachin State
When: 10, January 2015
Duration : 1days

Traditional Kachin Manaw Festival to celebrate the New Year. All the Kachin clans will congregate at Myitkyina to celebrate this event.

Independence Day

Where: Main event in Naypyitaw
When:  04, January 2015
Duration: 1 day

Celebrated all over the country to commemorate the country’s independence in 1948.

Naga New Year

nagaWhere: Lahe Township, Sagaing Division
When: 14 -16, January 2015
Duration: 3 days

One of the most colorful ceremonies of the country. Different tribes of Naga gather by the hundreds in their colorful costumes to perform ritual dances.

Ananda Pagoda Festival

anadaWhere: Ananda Pagoda, Bagan
When: Two weeks preceding the Full Moon day of Pyatho( 4-19, January 2015)
Duration:16 days

One of the most popular festivals in the country. Villagers come in covered bullock carts and camp out for the duration.

Shan State Days

Where: Taunggyi (Southern Shan State) and Lashio (Northern Shan State)
When: , 2015
Duration: 1 day

A popular holiday for the Shans, one of the main ethnic races of the country. Dance competitions of all the ethnic groups living in the Northern Shan State are usually held at Lashio.

Union Day

Where: Main event in Naypyitaw
When: 12, February 2015
Duration: 1 day

Celebrated all over the country to commemorate the signing of the Panglon (Pinlon) Treaty that paved the way for national unity and Independence.

Kyaikkhauk Pagoda Festival

kyaikkhaukWhere: Thanlyin (formerly Syriam)
When: Full moon day of Tabodwe. A typical Buddhist religious festival.(27, January to 4 February 2015)
Duratioin: 9 days

Chin National Day

Where: Haka (Northern Chin State) and Mindat (Southern Chin State)
When: ,2013
Duration: 1day

A popular holiday for the Chins, one of the main races of the country. Ethnic dances performed by different Chin groups at both venues.

Kekku Pagoda Festival

kekkuWhere: Kekku Pagoda precinct, Taunggyi Township
When: Full moon day of Tabaung (4-10, March 2015)
Duration: 7 days

Traditionally a pagoda festival in honor of the Buddha statues inside the Pindaya cave.

Shwedagon Pagoda Festival

shwedagonWhere: Yangon
When: Full moon day of Tabaung (4, March 2015)
Duration: Approximately one week preceding the full moon day.

It is a traditional Buddhist pagoda festival and one of the most important pagoda festivals in the country.

Thingyan Festival

thingyanWhere: All over the country
When: 13 -16,April 2015
Duration: 4 days

Traditional Myanmar New Year Celebrations People pour water over each other in a symbolic gesture of cleansing oneself of sins from the old year. The most festive places are Mandalay and Yangon.

Myanmar New Year Day

myanmar-new-yearWhere:  All over the country
When:  17, April 2015
Duration: 1 day

Celebrated all over the country to commemorate the Myanmar New Year. This is a deeply religious occasion observed mostly at pagodas and monasteries.

Kason Full moon Day

Where: All over the country
When:  15, May 2015

Duration: Buddha is said to have attained Enlightenment under the Bo Tree and Buddhist flock to pour water on this sacred tree to gain merit. Seen at most prominent pagoda and monastery precincts all over the country on the Full moon Day of Kason.

Pakkoku Thiho Shin Pagoda Festival

Where: Pakkoku, Magway Division
When: 8th Waxing Day of the month of Nayon to 10th Waning Day of the month of Nayon (27,May to 12, June 2015)
Duration: 16 days

The Thiho Shin Buddha Image is one of the most revered in Upper Myanmar. A typical Myanmar Buddhist Festival.

Taungbyone Nat Festival

taungpyoneWhere: At Taungbyone village near Mandalay
When: Fullmoon Day of Wagaung (25 - 30, August 2015)
Duration: 6days

The most famous of the Nat (supernatural beings that reward believers) festivals in Myanmar. This event is visited by all those who worship Nat, especially the traders and merchants who want help for more profits!

Ratanagu Nat Festival

Where: Ratanagu Pagoda, Amarapura Township
When: 8th Waxing Moon Day of Wagaung (8 - 12, September 2015)
Duration: 5 days

This is a festival to honour the mother of the two Nat brothers of Taungbyone.

Kaung Hmu Daw Pagoda Festival

kaung-hmu-tawWhere: Sagaing
When: The Dawn of the Fullmoon Day of Thadingyut (26, November to 1, December 2015)
Duration: 6 days

People flock to the Pagoda to offer food to Lord Buddha on the dawn of the Fullmoon night.

Elephant Dance Festival

elephant-danceWhere: Kyaukse, Mandalay Division
When: Fullmoon Day of Thadingyut (27-29, October 2015)
Duratiion: 2 days

Papier mache elephants carried around the town towards the pagoda on the Kyaukse Hill. A dance competition features these elephants.

Kahtein Robe Offering Ceremony

Where:  All over the country
When: the whole month of the Myanmar month of Tazaungmon (12, November 2015)

Holy robes are offered to the monks at the monasteries. This offering of robes enable the monks to acquire new robes in place of the old ones that were soiled during the monsoon season.

Hot Air Ballon Festival

hot-air-baloomWhere: Taunggyi
When: One week before the Full moon of Tazaungmon to Fullmoon day (21-27, November 2015)
Duration: 7

Traditionally it is to pay homage to the Sulamuni Pagoda in the abode of the Celestial Beings by sending up lighted hot air ballons. Now this traditional is combined with a competition to send up the most elaborate and beautiful ballons of every shape and size.

Parade of Lights

Where: Taunggyi
When: Fullmoon night of Tazaungmon (25-26, November 2015)

The people of Taunggyi and its environs march through the town with decorated floats and lighted candles to the Sulamuni Pagoda at the edge of the town.

Lights Festival and weaving competition

Where: All over the country; Shwedagon Pagoda
When: Fullmoon of Tazaungmon (25-26, November 2015)

An all-night weaving competition takes place at the Shwedagon Pagoda, on the night before the Fullmoon Day.

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